Update 1 - Workshop on Applied Math, Genetic Discovery for Climate Change

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Opening remarks  

Dr Si Bennasser Alaoui on behalf of IAV Hassan II

Dr Mustapha El Bouhssini on behalf of ICARDA

Both presenters stressed climate change issues and the urgency of addressing the temperature increase associated with decreased rainfall with their implications for crops and insects.  Reference was made to the publication in Nature journal titled "Crop pests: Under attack" by Amy Maxmen at: http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v501/n7468_supp/full/501S15a.html

Setting the scene

“Targeted search for crop germplasm with climate change adaptive traits to sustain agriculture in dryland systems “ by Dr Selvadurai Dayanandan

Workshop themes:

  • THEME – 1 Climate change and its impact on agriculture [Moderator: Adi Damania]
  • THEME – 2 Applied mathematics and the modelling approaches for adaptation of crops to changing climate conditions [Moderator: Abdallah Bari]
  • THEME – 3 Plant phenomics for adaptation of crops to changing climate in dryland systems [Moderator: Fred Stoddard]
  • THEME - 4  Plant genomics for adaptation of crops to changing climate  in dryland systems [Moderator: Daya Dayanandan]
  • THEME - 5  Region-specific challenges and opportunities for maintaining genetic resources for sustainable agricultural productivity under changing climatic conditions in the Dry Lands [Moderator: Zakaria Kehel]

Presentation on mathematics capturing patterns of plant populations with potential to quantify carbon uptake in the face of climate change based on use of fractal geometry at http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/physics/hunting-hidden-dimension.html.

Climate change and its impact on agriculture [Moderator: Adi Damania]

Anticipated dryland expansion in scenarios of global warming

Christopher T. Simmons and H. Damon Matthew

Dr Christopher T. Simmons presented climate change and the different scenarios and those that are likely with a focus on dryland. He highlighted the difference in different models and the implications for each of the model when compared to averaging models outcome. http://www.esmg.mcgill.ca/ICARDA.pdf

Geoinformatics and genetic resources under changing climate

Biradar Chandrasekhar

The potential of geo-informatics in predictions but also in generating data that is of value in targeting and locating climate change related traits in genetic resources.

Adaptation of farmers to climate change: A system approach – A case study of cereal production in Benslimane Region, Morocco

Points made by Si Bennasser Alaoui

Morocco faces severe climate change leading to diminishing rainfall increase in temperature and salinity affecting mostly soft wheat (T. aestivum). Need of new varieties to adapt to the changing climate condition and increase diversity of crops.

Mining CIMMYT germplasm bank for assessing breeding targets for Climate Change adaptation

The potential of using pedigree in assessing genetic resources for useful traits

Zakaria Kehel.