Update 4 - Workshop on Applied Math, Genetic Discovery for Climate Change

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Plant genomics for adaptation of crops to changing climate  in dryland systems - Moderator: Daya Dayanandan

Spatial and temporal variation in selection of genes associated with varietal quantitative traits in situ -  Cedric Mariac, Issaka Salia Ousseini, Abdel-Kader Alio, Helene Jugde, Jean-Louis Pham, Gilles Bezancon, Joelle Ronfort, Luc Descroix, and Yves Vigouroux
Changes are occurring at different level over space and time leading to also changes in flora (flowering time) and fauna (besting time). The case study conducted on pearl millet in Niger shows that the change in flowering time (early flowering) is associated with climate a result of genetic selection rather than genetic drift.
Genomic diversity and domestication of soyabean - Ying-hui Li, Jianxin Ma, Guangyu Zhou, Scott Jackson, Rui-qiang Li, Li-juan Qiu
Soybean crop has been grown in China over millennia. The pattern of genetic structure of soybean was reflected with the geographic region. This variation encompasses variation for agronomic traits such as resistance, seed composition, and flowering time. These results will facilitate the harnessing of untapped soybean for developing elite cultivars.
Detecting selection along environmental gradients: analysis of eight methods and their effectiveness for outbreeding and selfing populations -Stéphane De Mita, Anne-Céline Thuillet, Lauréne Gay, Nour  Ahmadi, Stéphanie Manel, Joelle Ronfort, Yves Vigouroux
Several methods were explored to detected selection along environment gradient ranging from Differentiation-based methods to correlation based methods.  This is an ongoing research on traditional rice varieties in Guinea and Madagascar.
Learning about the genetic basis of phenotypic variations: the limit of association study - Abdoul-Aziz Saïdou, Issaka Salia Ousseini, Anne-Céline Thuillet, Marie Couderc, Cédric Mariac and Yves Vigouroux