Update 5 - Workshop on Applied Math, Genetic Discovery for Climate Change

Region-specific challenges and opportunities for maintaining genetic resources for sustainable agricultural productivity under changing climatic conditions in the Dry Lands [Moderator: Zakaria Kehel]

Climate change and an increasing protein deficit: Why Europe needs to exploit genetic resources of protein crops now – Fred Stoddard

Although a source of protein yet however legumes breeding has not kept a pace with cereal breeding and the demand in protein . There is deficit of about 70% of vegetable protein in Europe alone.  While all crops will need new germplasm with traits to adapt and mitigate climate change legumes will needed more. Faba bean is more prone to be grown in Europe and FIGS could be used for mining faba bean genetic resources.

Climate change, biodiversity and food security in West Africa – Aichatou Assoumane

Climate change is a cutting edge across sub-Saharan Africa and a challenge for an already over-stressed environment. Ten to 15% of crops species may be lost due to an increase of temperature to 2 degree C.

Crop genetic resource conservation and its threat – the case for Ethiopia – T. G. Alganesh

Olive of Marrakech: An opportunity to study the behavior of olive genotypes with respect to climate change – Sikaoui Lhassane

Efforts made to assess and maintain olive diversity by the International Olive Oil Council across the Mediterranean region. INRA Morocco is among the 3 location designated to maintain world collection at INRA Marrakech Station. Along with conservation measures studies are conducted to develop core and specific collections to respond to users needs.

Findings for the assessment of demand and supply of technologies for mitigation and adaptation to climate change.Tom Apina et al

SustaiNet is network of 1.5 million framers in Africa representing 17 countries. Promotion and transfer of innovations is critical for impact at farming community level yet it faces a number of challenges. While framers rely on face-to-face and now on mobile research rely on more written communications, which not always. There is also need of access to quality seed and tools taking also into account costs.

Fruit genetic resources facing increasing climate uncertainty – Olfa  Saddoud Dabbebi., S. Mnasri, S. Abdelaali, and M. Mars

Tunisia as one of countries more prone to climate change effects adopted both mitigation and adaptation. The climate change is affecting both the climate and the soil structure, mainly in the coastal areas and in the islands. Fruit trees diversity cab hep in both adaptation and mitigation and efforts are made to conserve this diversity before being lost.